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Our Games

At Alarming Ladder we love making games! Our main focus is on creating replayable gameplay focused experience! We love to tackle multiple genres through full releases, prototypes, and game jams! Have a look at some of our projects below:

Kingdom Run VR

March 2023 / Full release

Kingdom Run VR is an action-packed virtual reality fitness game: explore trapped tombs,avoid dangers, collect gems and eliminate enemies!



Snotty's Sewer

June 2023 / Game Jam

Snotty's Sewer was created as a Game Jam, set in a sewer the player must find and click 10 buttons to escape. The game was well received, reaching over 40,000 downloads in the first week of release on Steam.




TBA/Under Development

Mauled is a first person survival horror game where players must navigate an abandoned Mall and find an escape- avoiding the horrific Midnight Shopper.



More Coming Soon!

We are happy to announce that Alarming Ladder are currently working on few new titles yet to be released!- For new updates follow us online:

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